Beaded Oak Leaf Pin

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When Mildred and Robert Bliss first hired the landscape architect, Beatrix Farrand for Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, the first area she envisioned was the Green Garden Terrace.  Dominated by two massive oak trees, the terrace occupies the highest elevation on the property and provides panoramic views of the entire estate.  The name and image of oaks have become ubiquitous with the institution.

Inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature, sisters Dhruti and Seema started Trovelore, an atelier that creates art and jewelry meticulously embroidered with beads and threads.  Using skilled artisans, and following fair-trade practices, they build up organic textures that give their brooch-pins a ‘lifelike’ quality. 

Dimension:   2 ¼” L X 1 ¾” W

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