Beaded Pomegranate Pin

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One of the centerpieces of Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Collection is the Hestia Tapestry.   Woven in the 5th century in Egypt, the goddess Hestia is enthroned with two attendants.  Her headdress and earrings are made from pomegranates, while the blessings that she gives out are in the form of the fruit, a symbol of prosperity and ambition. 

Inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature, sisters Dhruti and Seema started Trovelore, an atelier that creates art and jewelry meticulously embroidered with beads and threads.  Using skilled artisans, and following fair-trade practices, they build up organic textures that give their brooch-pins a ‘lifelike’ quality. 

Dimension:   2” L X 1 ½” W

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