Chin Table Runner

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The Chin are a series of tribes livings in the mountainous, north-west section of Myanmar.  Textile weaving is an old tradition within the culture.  Woven with cotton and dyed naturally using indigo and other vegetal dyes, these pieces are traditional worn over the shoulders, but also work as a lovely addition to your home décor.  The weaving is created on backstrap looms using patterns and motifs which reflect the Chin culture and the environment.   The front side of the runner shows a detailed supplementary weft patterning.  Some slight imperfections in the weaving are normal in these textiles.


Dimensions:  Maroon – 64” plus 3” braided fringe on both ends X 9 ½”

                    Indigo - 59” plus 3” braided fringe on both ends X 8 ½”                     


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