Double Spout Pledge Pot - Nicaragua

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The Pledge Pot, otherwise known as wedding jars in various cultures, is a very symbolic design and can make an ideal gift. The two necks reflect two people or groups who are joined or bonded together, via the handle, in friendship, partnership, matrimony, etc.

This pot was created in San Juan Oriente Nicaragua, a small village nestled among volcanos and a lagoon.  The artistic process begins with “throwing” on a kick wheel, followed by days of rigorously polishing and treating the newly formed clay.  Once prepped, the piece is decorated with pigments mixed from mineral oxides.  Acrylics are used for vivid coloring.  Then in classic Nicaraguan style, the artisans meticulously carve elaborate patterns and designs, in both relief and surface etching called sgraffito.  They then bake the pot in a wood-burning kiln. In the final stage, the pot is removed and polished. 

Distributed by Mundo Handmade, a fair trade organization that works to support the livelihood of artists and their families. Items are generally intended for artistic display and decorative purposes.

*This fragile item does not fit into standard Priority shipping boxes and will have an additional $12 charge added after purchase for special packaging. 

Dimensions:  9” X 7”

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