Inka Aribalo Vessel

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This beautiful decorative ceramic vessel by Ynocencio Ccahuana is handcrafted and painted with geometric patterns. This sculpture replicates an aribalo, which was a vessel with a conical shape and a long neck which sat on a circular base made by Peru's ancient Inca civilization.

For artist Ynocencio Ccahuan,  “Art has always attracted me with its mysticism. I've spent hours and hours reading about the history of my beautiful Peru. Growing up in the Inca sacred valley was a definite motivation and I worked to master ceramic arts. There's nothing I enjoy more than working in clay to create beautiful sculptures and archaeological replicas of objects the ancients used in celebrations and religious rites. It's an incredible feeling! I'm so glad that God blessed me with this ability and it's exciting to show it and share it.

"I learned my craft while helping in pottery workshops. My teachers were master artisans whose Inca ancestors once lived in these valleys. They shared their traditional techniques with me. My mother helped me set up my own workshop in a small Cuzco town. I, too, put a lot of sacrifice and work into it. Today, my wife and children share my same passion for historical Peruvian ceramics."

The ceramics of Pre-Columbian Peru are featured in the exhibition A Beautiful Dichotomy; Contrasting Pre-Columbian Peruvian Ceramics.

6.75" H x 5" W x 4.3" D

Stand/base: 1" H x 2.4" Diam.

For decorative use only

Made in Peru

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