Landscape for Sport

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Histories of Physical Exercise, Sport, and Health

Edited by Sonja Dümpelmann

Sport is deeply embedded in human nature and culture, and it is central to human well-being.  Outdoor sport and physical exercise have had considerable impact on how we design, live in, and understand landscapes.  Landscapes and environments have, in turn, contributed to the formation and development of new sports activities as well as cultures of movement and the body. 

How have perceptions and politics of the body played a role in the evolution of different landscapes for sport?  What do they tell us about their inherent culture and use, and how do landscapes for sport embody constructions of race, gender, and place?  What are the interrelationships between more and less agonistic sport and body culture, their politics, and the sites and spaces that accommodate them?

Landscapes for Sport explores these intersections from multiple perspectives in different parts of the world.  They focus on outdoor spaces that have been designed, built, and used for physical exercise and various competitive and non-competitive sports since the early modern period.  Frequently overlooked and taken for granted, these landscapes for sport often constitute significant areas of open space in and outside our cities.  This volume uncovers their relevance and meanings.

Author:  Sonja Dümpelmann is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

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ISBN 9780884024903

Publication Date 6/2022

446 pages

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