Mayan Hands Marisol Pine-needle Basket

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Mayan Hands is a fair-trade nonprofit organization dedicated to providing economic and educational opportunities to Mayan women and girls so that they can build sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities, as they continue to live within the culture they cherish. The baskets are handmade from sustainably sourced longleaf pine needles and pajón, a native wild grass found in the Guatemalan Highlands, these heirloom-quality baskets will enhance the home with their natural beauty and texture and their subtle fragrance. Basket makers masterfully combine color, form, and fine stitchery to create baskets that, while perfect for display, are entirely functional as well. 

This handy straight-sided pine needle basket has colorful raffia accents.  Handmade and fair trade.  Pine needles with raffia.

Dimensions:  Approximately 7.5" wide x 3" high


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