Mountain Water-drop Earrings

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Artist Frida Larios created The New Maya Language, system of symbols, in her words, “celebrates and preserves the dead written language.” Like a graphic anthropologist, Larios has dug into the roots and complex structure of the Maya writing system and formulated a new one intended to honor it and bring it into contemporary life and culture. 

WITZ is Mountain in the Classic Maya script and spoken language. The JA' bunched water drops are part of the Mountain hieroglyph and the misty mountains of Copán, Honduras, where Frida Larios lived with her family and the Maya-Chortí peoples. This pair of short stem-earrings are crafted with a drop of black obsidian on light jade, set on recycled silver. It is co-created in collaboration and conscious partnership with master artisans: Don Mundo in Copán Ruins, Honduras, who carves and hand-mines the stones, and Don Samuel in San Salvador, El Salvador, who custom sets each stone on recycled silver. 

Dimensions:  I ½” X ¾”


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