Nasca Bird of Rio Grande Vessel

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Walter Jose Acosta crafts a faithful replica of a bird vessel attributed to the Nazca people of the Ica Valley and Rio Grande, in the Peruvian coast. Acosta crafts the sculpture of ceramic featuring the traditional "bridge" and spout that characterized the vessels of that era. Acosta paints the sculpture by hand with the warm palette of colors once preferred by the Nazca people.

Born into a family of ceramic artist, brothers Rolando and Luis Huaman Paucar learned to paint as children.  Luis describes his passion for this art as breathing life into any setting. “My inspiration comes from my admiration toward all the different cultures in my beloved Peru. My intention is to convey the mysticism surrounding Inca cultures. To me, the work we do expresses the essence of our country as well as that of our Inca ancestors. Our goal is to preserve the family legacy we have inherited.”

This reproduction is typical of Pre-Columbian pottery from Southern Peru, that is presented in the Dumbarton Oaks Museum exhibition A Beautiful Dichotomy; Contrasting Pre-Columbian Peruvian Ceramics.

1.5 lbs

7.75" H x 4.9" W x 7.25" D


Not watertight

For decorative use only

Signed by the artist

Clean with a soft, dry cloth

Made in Peru.


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